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All classes begin at 10:00 am, unless otherwise specified. Educational classes are free. Workshops have limited size and require advanced registration and payment. Fees include materials. Advanced registration is appreciated for all classes:
Call (425) 334-2002 or email

2015 Winter and Spring Classes & Events at a Glance:
Pruning... Get Ready For Spring; Fruit: It Grows On Trees
Terrariums; Bountiful Berries; Northwest Flower & Garden Show; Roses: Start Right; The Beauty Of Hellebores; Dealing With Disease & Insects; All About Mason Bees
Everett Home & Garden Show; The Wonderful World Of Conifers; Learn The Art Of Bonsai; Spring Lawn Care; Growing 'Cool Season' Veggies
Mini-Gardens: Good Things Come In Small Packages; Have Fun With Hypertufa; Japanese Maples; Organic Gardening
Rhododendrons & Azaleas; Carnivorous Bog Gardening; Summer Blooming Shrubs
See titles below

Pruning... Get Ready For Spring - Saturday January 24th
Proper pruning pays off with vastly improved performance of your plants! Join Trevor Cameron, for this timely review of basic pruning techniques, proper timing and expected results geared to guide both beginners and advanced gardeners. This is a repeat of the Jan. 10th class, so you can pick the weekend that works best for you and still gain all of the pruning knowledge you seek to get your garden ready for spring! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Fruit: It Grows On Trees - Saturday January 31st
Taste the difference in your very own homegrown, tree-ripened fruit. It’s huge! And CPH, Trevor Cameron, is here to guide you through proper selection, planting, pruning and care in this informative discussion to make your fruit-bearing trees a success. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Bountiful Berries - Saturday February 7th
Berries are a gardener’s sun-kissed treats- delicious, nutritious and even beautiful. From how to sort through the various varieties, to which soil amendments will improve what and when, and even how to prune, learn the tricks to growing blueberries, raspberries, grapes, kiwis, currants and more. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Terrariums - Saturday February 7th
A new spin on bringing the outdoors in! Learn this 'old time' way of planting a 'garden in a bottle' for the indoors. Sure to be a fun and informative class instructed by Beverly Anderson. This is a FREE class that starts @ 2pm!

Northwest Flower & Garden Show - Wednesday Feb. 11th - Sunday Feb. 15th
This outstanding Flower & Garden Show contains over and acre of gorgeous gardens, 350+ marketplace exhibitors, 110 free gardening seminars, a huge plant market, garden gallery, vintage garden market, city living and floral competition.

Roses: Start Right - Saturday, February 14th
A little advice from a long-time grower goes a long way with roses! Join Trevor Cameron and over 15 years of rose-growing insight on rose grades, site selection, soil amendments, ‘magic potions’ and early spring pruning to help you grow great roses in the Pacific Northwest. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am.

The Beauty Of Hellebores - Saturday February 21st
Join Skagit Garden's Sally Isaiou for an in depth discussion of the new and exciting Hellebore varieties that are easy to grow, long lived perennials for shade to partial sun locations. With proper selection one can have blooming Hellebores in the garden from November all the way into April. Hellebores are also a perfect fit for winter containers and combine well with other winter hardy perennials. You can even bring some varieties into the house for the holidays and enjoy their winter blooms. There is simply nothing not to like about these tough and reliable perennials. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am.

Dealing With Disease & Insects - Sunday, February 22nd
Fruit and flowering trees, and even berries, may need a little help getting through our PNW weather. And waiting for the cold, wet spring to be over means you’ve often waited too long. From chemical-free and organic options to the more environmentally-friendly conventional ones, learn what to do now to prevent disease in your landscape later in the season with Trevor Cameron, CPH. FREE. This is a FREE class that starts @ 1:00pm.

All About Mason Bees - Saturday, February 28th
Join Master Gardener Missy Anderson, 'The Queen Bee', to learn everything you want to know about our non-stinging native Mason Bees. Hosting, proper care in all seasons and healthy propagating are just some of the topics to be covered in this informative class. Come join us and learn how to effectively benefit from these flying friends. This is a FREE class that begins at 10am.

Everett Home & Garden Show - Friday March 6th - Sunday March 8th
This is the largest and only Home and Garden show in Snohomish County presented in the new Comcast Arena. Homeowners are looking for different things for their homes today. You can shop and compare the new home trends in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere that also offers you special show pricing. See home remodeling ideas that work for today's homeowners, home improvements designed to accommodate the ways you incorporate your northwest lifestyle and key trends that include ways to make your home more environmentally friendly.

The Wonderful World Of Conifers - Saturday, March 7th
Come explore the vast array of conifers! These evergreen beauties add much color, texture and form to our landscapes - often bringing 12 months of color! Sunnyside Nursery specializes in a wide selection of conifers from dwarfs to full size. Join us for this informative class taught by our very own Trevor Cameron, C.P.H., you won't want to miss it! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am.

Learn The Art Of Bonsai - Saturday, March 14th
Learn the art of Bonsai from Debbie Wetmore, who has been practicing it for many years and has an incredible collection to prove it. Potting, pruning, feeding and general growing information will all be discussed. Prepare to be wowed. This is a FREE class that start @ 10am!

Spring Lawn Care - Saturday, March 21st
Get your lawn off to a good start! Come to class with Trevor Cameron, CPH, and whether starting new or fixing up the old, go home with the knowledge of how to get your lawn going right. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Growing 'Cool Season' Veggies - Saturday, March 28th
Kick into culinary gear and take advantage of our long cool-crop seasons! MaryAnn & Andy Sudkamp will guide you through seeding, transplanting, choosing crops and varieties, timing, rotating, pest solutions, and more so you can grow your own produce now! Questions welcome. Answers… FREE! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am.

Mini-Gardens: Good Things Come In Small Packages - Saturday, April 4th
Learn how to select plants for miniature gardens, both indoors and outdoors. Dwarf conifers, small maples, perennials, sedums and so much more. Learn how to plant these beauties into containers for years of enjoyment. Join the dynamic duo Trevor Cameron, C.P.H. & Chris Hinricksen, C.P.H. for this fun class. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Have Fun With Hypertufa - Saturday, April 11th
Join our very own gardening experts Mary Stole & MaryAnn Sudkamp to learn all about Hypertufa. Don't know what it is? We'll teach you! Hypertufa is popular for making garden ornaments, pots and land forms, as it is very porous and is favorable for plant growth. Hypertufa is relatively light compared with terra-cotta or traditional concrete and can withstand harsh winters. Come to this demonstration class to learn how to add a personalized touch to your garden. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Japanese Maples - Saturday, April 18th
Let one man’s passion be the source of knowledge for you in this discussion on the delicate and ornate world of Japanese maples. Whether your interest is in choosing one great addition for your landscape or growing a specialty garden, Certified Professional Horticulturist, Trevor Cameron, will show you the way with Japanese maples. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Organic Gardening - Saturday, April 25th
Organic gardening is a great way to take an active role in creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Join E.B. Stone’s Brenda Sage as she instructs on ways to plant using organic fertilizers and soil amendments. This is a class you won't want to miss, as it has proved to be a very fun and educational class! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Rhododendrons & Azaleas - Saturday, May 2nd
These aren't your Grandma's Rhododendron's! From the classics to the latest, greatest hybrids, come and rediscover Rhododendrons & Azaleas. Fabulous colors, fantastic foliage, and even 'cooler' species Rhododendrons! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Carnivorous Bog Gardening - Saturday, May 23rd
When heavy rains come, bog gardens earn their keep! They are especially helpful when filled with carnivorous plants to keep all the unwanted insects at bay. Join MaryAnn Sudkamp for this class to learn about the best plants to use and how to create a functional yet beautiful bog garden for your yard. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Summer Blooming Shrubs - Saturday, May 30th
Keep the color going after the spring thrills with summer blooming shrubs! Learn about the best plants to choose for your yard, how to design your landscape using them & proper care and feeding techniques. These beautiful summer blooming shrubs will not only add a wonderful splash of color to your yard but will also attract incredible butterflies and hummingbirds. Join our Certified Professional Horticulturist Trevor Cameron for this fantastically informative class. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

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All classes begin at 10:00 am, unless otherwise specified. Educational classes are free. Workshops have limited size and require advanced registration and payment. Fees include materials. Advanced registration is appreciated for all classes:
Call (425) 334-2002 or email

2015 Summer and Fall Classes & Events at a Glance:
Growing & Using Herbs; 'Sorticulture' - Everett's Garden Arts Festival; Stop & Smell The Roses; Fun With Succulents; How To Grow Gorgeous Hydrangeas

Growing & Using Herbs - Saturday, June 6th
Learn all the best tips & tricks on how to grow herbs well in our area. Join us to find out which varieties are best for the PNW, how to dry them or prepare them for many uses, and how to use the bounty of your garden in delicious and nutritious recipes using herbs. This will be a fun and useful class you won't want to miss! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am.

'Sorticulture' - Everett's Garden Arts Festival - Friday, June 12th - Sunday, June 14th
Check out featured artists that create distinctive hand-crafted garden
art along with local nurseries that produce a wide variety of plants
to transform your backyard. Learn tips and tricks
from top regional gardening experts including KING 5's
Ciscoe Morris. Sorticulture also features display gardens,
food fair, a wine garden, live music and free activities
for the kids.

Stop & Smell The Roses - Saturday, June 13th
Let your love of roses grow with this class! Come learn about various rose classifications, fragrances, growing habits, special uses & colors, along with info on proper care and how to protect against insects and disease. Join us for this fun class with local rose enthusiast and long-time grower, Trevor Cameron C.P.H. This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

Fun With Succulents - Saturday, June 20th
Join Mary Stole, our greenhouse manager, as she demonstrates fun ways to use Sedums & Succulents! Apart from the apparent water-saving advantages of succulents, they can grow in containers as well as they can in garden soil. With a large number of varieties you'll find a wealth of diversity in shape, texture and colour contrasts. A great class you won't want to miss! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am.

How To Grow Gorgeous Hydrangeas - Saturday, June 27th
Many people remember hydrangeas from their childhood. Today we are falling in love with them all over again. And the good news is that we can now grow many hydrangeas our grandmothers never even dreamed of. Join Trevor Cameron C.P.H. for this fun class on everything you'll want to know to grow gorgeous hydrangeas. We'll talk about different varieties, bloom sizes, proper care, how to get stunning color & then change the color!... plus so much more! You won't want to miss this class! This is a FREE class that starts @ 10am!

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